Maxine Waters wants to contribute to Haitian Candidate

Maxine Waters wants to contribute to Haitian Candidate

Here is a picture of US Congresswoman Maxine Waters, D-California ((right), Jean Bertrand Aristide (Center) and his wife, Mildred Mildred Trouillot-Aristide. In July, 2015 Maxine Waters expressed her interest in contributing to some candidates in the upcoming election.

Maxine Waters Wants Approval of Campaign Donations to Haitian Candidates

Congressional Representative Maxine Waters wants to donate to Haitian candidates, running for electoral office. She has contacted the House Ethnics Committee and Federal Election Commission to find out if she can make personal donations, and also through political action committees.

The U.S. does not allow foreign nationals' contributions to federal campaigns. But countries such as Haiti do. It is still not known what candidates Waters is interested in donating to.

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