Garry Desrosiers, report on insecurity by the PNH

Garry Desrosiers, report on insecurity by the PNH

Here is a picture of inspector Garry Desrosiers providing an update on the insecurity in Haiti.

As per the news report dated February 21, 2016, Garry Desrosiers, Inspector and the deputy spokesman of the PNH has warned all Haitian citizens to be careful with their love life. Now the kidnappers are using new strategies to commit acts of kidnapping. Some lady accomplices of the kidnappers would lure men with seductive acts and invite them home. However, instead of taking the person to the home, lead them to their accomplices and demand ransom for their release. We might remember that on November 26, 2015, Garry Desrosiers reported on the insecurity and attacks on the police personnel. Between 14 September and 20 November, 2015, at least a dozen police officers were killed and several others were wounded by bandit bullets. He had claimed that the police managed to put 55 bandits behind the bar by an operation named "Storm", who were responsible for the murders of police officers and religious people.

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