Haitian artist King Kino and Barack Obama

Haitian artist King Kino and Barack Obama

Here is a picture of Haitian artist King Kino with American President Barack Obama

Lord Kinomorsa Divers (King Kino) is an exiled humanitarian, disciplined man and civil rights activist and a well known star musician, singer, songwriter; he is one kind of royalty in a class by himself. He was born to be a leader. Kino started singing career at a very early age with the singing of Gospel Music in church. He is a disciplined man, never forgot the teachings and disciplines he received in the church. He is respected by his peers and his fans include from the kid with no name sitting in the corner streets of Petion Ville to Barack Obama. On September 12, 2012, King Kino was an invited guest at a special meeting with the President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama. He seized the opportunity to address the key issues that are of paramount importance to the Haitian community living in the U.S and to his beloved country Haiti.

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