Haitian Poet Rene Depestre

Haitian Poet Rene Depestre

This is the Haitian poet, René Depestre. He was born on August 29, 1926 in the city of Jacmel, Haiti.

René Depestre is a Haitian poet and former communist activist.

He published his first set of work at the age of 19, with his first collection of poetry, appeared in 1945, with Étincelles. Rene Depestre had the chance to meet many Haitian intellectual contemporaries, such as Jean Price-Mars, Léon Laleau, and René Bélance,
Politically, Depestre was involved in the revolutionary student movements of January 1946, which led to the removal of President Élie Lescot from office. Following the movement, he was arrested and spent some time in jai. Upon his release from jail, Rene Depestre was exiled and . He studied political science at the Sorbonne from 1946 - 1950.

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