Hotels classified in Haiti, 2014 - One of Two

Hotels classified in Haiti, 2014 - One of Two

Here is the Hotels classified in Haiti for 2014. The Ministry of Tourism (MDT) launched its classification program of tourist establishments to improve the quality of services provided by the hotel facilities.

Tourism has become big business in Haiti on the heels of the government's "Open for Business" campaign. It was therefore no surprise the attention paid to the country's hotel industry, including the reclassification exercise undertaken throughout 2014, making it impossible for the industry to ever be the same again. Putting a decidedly piquant, Haitian feel on the world-wide five-star standard, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries (MTCI) has reclassified the country's hotels labelling them on a hibiscus scale that mirrors the more traditional star scale.

The project started in 2013 with the city of Les Cayes having its tourist destinations classified under the program. The government deployed 21 trained officers to inspect and classify these hotels and establishments from 1 hibiscus (same as 1 star, the minimum of quality) to 5 hibiscus (same as 5 star, the maximum of quality).

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