Jean-Nicolas Nissage Saget, President of Haiti

Jean-Nicolas Nissage Saget, President of Haiti

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Jean-Nicolas Nissage Saget was the president who succeeded Sylvain Salnave in 1869. Probably his greatest achievement was being the country's first president to serve out his entire term in office, having ruled from 1869 until his voluntary retirement in 1874.

Many years later, he left farm life behind and joined the army. He found great success, flying through the ranks quickly until he was awarded command of the military base in Leogane. Sagat earned himself a fair bit of goodwill when, following President Faustin Sououque's abandonment of the Democratic Republic to set himself up as Emperor, the two men didn't see eye to eye. The tension came to a head after General Sagat's continued refusal to bend to the will of the President's order to execute citizens falsely accused of conspiring against the state.

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