Jean Tholbert Alexis

Jean Tholbert Alexis

Jean Tholbert Alexis (born November 29, 1973) from the political party ANSANM NOU FO is a lawyer by profession. About three years ago, in July 2013, Judge Jean Serge Joseph was investigating charges of massive corruption against former President Martelly's wife, Sophia St. Rémy Martelly, and their son, Olivier Martelly. During his process of investigation, he was always under pressure and threatened personally by Martelly, Lamothe and others and the situation worsened when he issued summons to Martelly family along with several high government officials to testify before him. Finally, in a secret July 11 meeting (which the accused later denied), Martelly, Lamothe, Sanon, and other officials aggressively told the judge to call off the investigation. As a consequence of that, two days later, the judge died from a brain hemorrhage. Following that incident, Jean Tholbert Alexis, as the President of the Lower House ordered the inquiry into the death of Judge Jean Serge Joseph. However, when Deputy Sadrack Dieudonné, the President of the Commission of Inquiry, responsible for studying the circumstances surrounding the death of Judge Joseph, wanted to question Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, the driver and his close security guard as well as those of President Martelly, Jean Tholbert Alexis, the President of the Lower House made things difficult and refused to sign and deliver the invitations for new the hearings as was called for!

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