Jovenel Moise and wife voting

Jovenel Moise and wife voting

Here is a picture of candidate Jovenel Moise and wife voting.

(Mrs.) Maryse Narcisse, a physician, former Minister of Public Health and an ex-employee of USAID with backings of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Celestin was eliminated in the second round of 2010 election following a recount by the OAS observers.

On Sunday, President Martelly and presidential candidate Jude Celestin were seen to cast their votes at a voting center in Lycée Petion-ville within a gap of ten minutes. Another presidential candidate, Eric Jean Baptiste under the banner of the Mouvement Action Socialiste and owner of Père Eternel Loto, who shot himself once while cleaning his gun at home in last March, was seen to cast his vote at the voting center under cover of own armed guards.

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