Jude Celestin against Jovenel Moise in Run Off Election

Jude Celestin against Jovenel Moise in Run Off Election

Here are the pictures of the two candidates who will be running in the run off election, Jude Celestin against Jovenel Moise.

As per the announcement of Pierre-Louis Opont, the director general of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) on November 5th, the names of the first two finishers in the presidential race are, Jovenel Moïse from PHTK party (511,992 votes or 32.81% of total votes) and Jude Célestin from LAPEH party (394,390 votes or 25.27% of total votes. However, the lead of Jovenel Moïse has raised suspicion of massive frauds. Before the election, some of the pre poll approval ratings or likeliness of the candidates to win the presidential election had shown conflicting results. One cell phone based poll conducted by Miami-based Integrated Communications and Research had given Jovenel Moise the top spot with 20.5% support and Jude Celestin, second place with 12.8%. Meanwhile, Port-au-Prince-based BRIDES' in-person survey had given Celestin a commanding lead of 31.3% to Moise's 12.9%. Since none of them could reach the 50% plus vote benchmark in the October 25 election, or a lead over 25% votes, a run-off election has been scheduled on December 27, 2015.

Jude Celestin Realizes, He Cannot Fight Jovenel Alone
On a note dated November 29, 2015, eight losing presidential candidates (G8) representing 49.81% of the vote, including Jude Celestin, the number two candidate for presidency, have signed an ultimatum notifying their withdrawal from the December 27 run off unless some preconditions are fulfilled. The members of G8 are of opinion that there could be no credible election with the present CEP under the presidency of Joseph Michel Martelly along with the support of present Police Nationale d'Haïti (PNH). They have also demanded a transitional government which would be empowered to make necessary revisions in the constitution to hold credible free and fair election within next 24 months. An exit poll conducted on the election day on October 25th, 2015, revealed a curious feature. There, a little over 6% of the sample voters had said that they have voted for the government-backed candidate Jovenel Moise, and that estimate placed him fourth on the list. Surprisingly, when the result was out, he came to the top with total 511,992 votes or 32.8 % of the votes while Jude Celestin got only 394,390 or 25.2% votes. It is a fact that exit polls are never an exact indicator, but still it is an uneven battle which Jude Celestin cannot win alone.

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