LAPEH to join PHTK in government protest against Privert

LAPEH to join PHTK in government protest against Privert

Here is a picture of the logo for LAPEH and PHTK.

Now the Haitians are waiting to watch one of the most famous reunions. From once worst enemy, fighting against the Martelly administration (PHTK), now LAPEH is planning to join PHTK and fight against the government of Privert. In last April, Jean Hector Anacacis, the coordinator of the Alternative League for Progress of Haiti (LAPEH) has said his party is equally worried like PHTK about the willingness of Privert administration to hold elections. He did not preclude the possibility of being in the street with PHTK supporters against Privert as they share common interests. On January 2016, at the Kinam Hotel, Jovenel Moïse, the presidential candidate from PHTK, mentioned his LAPEH opponent Jude Célestin as a competitor, not an opponent. As per his statement, Jude Célestin is a competitor who is Haitian. We can sit down together and talk for the benefit of the country.

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