Leopold Berlanger getting ready to hold next election

Leopold Berlanger getting ready to hold next election

Here is a picture of the president of the CEP, Leopold Berlanger as he is getting ready to hold next Haiti election

On June 6, 2016, the Chairman of the election committee (CEP) Leopold Berlanger has invalidated last year's presidential elections and has announced in a press conference that the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) will hold a fresh election in next October 9, 2016, and January 8, 2017. The Provisional Electoral Council will work under the advice of the Verification Commission, which in last May recommended annulling the published results of the last presidential election and making preparation for a new election. The CEP has to make arrangements for legislative elections for some centers also which remained pending in some parts of the country. Leopold Berlanger said, his commission is presently working to resolve issues with "Mandataires" or poll watchers who were responsible for massive frauds. In the last election, over 1 million blank accreditation cards were issued as "Mandataires" and that allowed them to cast multiple ballots at polling stations in such a way so that it was impossible to determine the number of voters who went to the polls.

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