Louko DESIR Pote Lamp nan RARA nan Eleksyon

Louko DESIR Pote Lamp nan RARA nan Eleksyon

Here is a picture of candidate Louko DESIR. Pote Lamp nan RARA nan Eleksyon.

Luckner Louko Desir was a candidate in the last presidential election under 'Mobilization for Haitian Progress' (MPH) banner. He obtained only 591 votes (0.04%) in the October 25, 2015 election. He is a big advocate of the direct Compass pace, to him, music is as important as social causes and current political crisis in the country. He is a regular performer on Trans-Inter Radio. He believes that every good government should be controlled by efficient parliamentarians with the support of a correct constitution. Louko DESIR was born in Gonaives on February 4, 1967, in a family of five children; his father Luc Gerard Desire was a truck driver. He completed his schoolings with 'The Brothers of Christian Instruction of Gonaives' and 'College of the Immaculate Conception' in Gonaives. Thereafter, he studied social science at the 'Institution for Studies and African Research' and later enrolled himself in the law school in Gonaives. After the departure of Felix Lamy, he was approached by the national radio to host a cultural program of music compass, 'From 4 o'clock PM at 6am' because his voice has some similarity with Felix Lamy. Since 2010, along with his compas programs, he started political analysis programs on Radio Inter Trans, which became an overnight success. Louko is a part of the compass promotional marketing team K-Zino and Gabel group. Louko Desir has joined the G30 presidential candidate group with 30 presidential candidates who lost in the elections.

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