Moïse Jean-Charles on his Horse

Moïse Jean-Charles on his Horse

Here is a picture of Haiti Presidential candidate Moïse Jean-Charles on his horse. It is likely that many of his transportation will be done by horse.

Former Senator Jean Charles Moïse is a contended man who already sees himself as the next Haitian President. He is confident of his victory in the upcoming presidential election from the Platform of the radical opposition "Petit Dessalin". He has challenged his strongest opponent President Martelly and has said that there is nobody in the government or in any international community who can pose a threat to our victory. The election on October 25 would be a simple matter of formality. He has promised that once he is in power, there will be no witch hunt, those guilty of financial crimes will face the consequences. In the upcoming Haitian election, three political parties have submitted a nomination for more than 220 candidates: Fusion of Social Democrats (FUSION) [12 Senate candidates, 86 for deputy], Organization of People in Struggle (OPL) [10 Senate candidates, 83 for deputy] and the Patriotic People's Movement Dessalinien (MOPOD) 6 candidates for the Senate and 30 for deputies

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