Skal Labissiere chases his NBA dream

Skal Labissiere chases his NBA dream

Here is a picture of Haitian Basket ball player Skal Labissiere

Skal Labissiere is a Haitian basketball player (height: 6 ft 11 inch or 2.11 meters, weight: 215 lbs or 98 kg) who was born in Haiti on February 18, 1996. On the day of the devastating earthquake, Skal had just returned home from a basketball practice, when he headed to the bathroom to wash up, the earth began to shake. His family home collapsed with Labissiere, his brother and mother inside. Although, they managed to survive, but were trapped inside the debris for several hours. A few months later, Labissiere moved to the U.S and joined the ' Reach Your Dream organization' run by Gerald Hamilton. It is a nonprofit organization that identifies and relocates talented kids to America from disadvantaged countries. With their help, Skal was given an opportunity to play at Evangelical Christian High School (Cordova, Tenn.). During his first 18 months in America, his list of accomplishments was staggering. He learned English, won a state championship, and established himself as one of the nation's top basketball prospects in the Class of 2015. has ranked him as the fourth-best prep prospect in the class of 2015.

In his childhood, Skal was an avid soccer player, but soon, when he was only 11, he realized that his height is more suitable for basketball game. He started learning the skills jump hook and jump shot from his coaches. Some of the NBA scouts consider him as the second-best prospect on the World team behind Simmons. He has size, length, soft touch, and the ability to run the floor-- still a work in progress. Labissiere has not been back to Haiti since he came to the U.S but has plans to come back as an NBA player to help and inspire kids at home, not just with doing basketball camps, but to help them in general and spiritually, because he feels an urge to give back what the country has given to him.

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