Polic nan Miyami kape danse Rara lakay

Polic nan Miyami kape danse Rara lakay

Mezanmi, Gade koman Polic nan Miyami ape kale kor yo nan Ti Ayiti. Minm Polic paka kanpe gade rara sa no yo oblije souke kor-a.

Several Police Officers in Little Haiti are dancing to the sound of Rara Lakay

Polic nan Miyami kape danse Rara lakay

There is much to see, do, and experience in the community of Little Haiti. Located in Miami, this town functions as the center of the Haitian Diaspora in Florida and the U.S. Having some of the most colorful businesses, many of which focus on the arts, food, or literature, Little Haiti carries something for everyone while showcasing the best of Haitian culture. The Haiti cultural Center regularly hosts performances of dance and the theater, and restaurants throughout the area that prepare the best of Haitian cuisine.

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