Rosny Smarth, Prime Minister of Haiti

Rosny Smarth, Prime Minister of Haiti

Here is a picture of Mr. Rosny Smarth, Prime Minister of Haiti From February 27, 1996 To June 9, 1997

He was born on October 19, 1940 and became Prime Minister for short period of time. One thing that was very noticeable about Rosny Smarth was that he resigned from his position, leaving the post vacant for nearly two years.

He studied at the University of Port-au-Prince, then received a degree in agronomy at the University of Santiago de Chile . Smarth was appointed director of the Chilean Institute for Agricultural Development in 1967, then became the Lavalas Political Organization. Rosny Smarth was appointed Prime Minister of Haiti on 27 February 1996 to 9 June 1997

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