Haiti's Reception Center for Returnees at Malpasse

Haiti's Reception Center for Returnees at Malpasse

Here is a picture of Haiti's Reception Center for Returnees at Malpasse following mass deportation of undocumented Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent.

Malpasse situated in the Ouest Department of Haiti, is one of the four land connections between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. To combat problem of statelessness of the Haitians deported from the Dominican Republic, the Haitian government reportedly set up reception centres at Malpasse. But these so called reception centres are far from capable to accommodate the deported people. The reception centre at Malpasse is nothing more than a flimsy plywood hut in the midst of desert of white gravel. The government had declared in June that the reception centres were ready to welcome the Haitians, but the reality of the situation is rather miserable. The migrants are in a devastated, homeless and stateless condition in Haiti.

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