Haitian Military guarding the tomb of Francois Duvalier

Haitian Military guarding the tomb of Francois Duvalier

Here is a picture of three member of FADH Military guarding the tomb of former Haitian Dictator Francois Duvalier

The man was born on April 14, 1907 and would later become a successful physician, during which time he got his nickname for his ability to stave off diseases such as malaria and typhus. Setting himself up with President Dumarsais Estime, he was given the role of Director General of National Public Health in 1946, becoming Minister of Health and Labor 3 years later. In 1950, he stood in opposition of a military coup, and used the fame of his resulting six-year exile, plus his platform as both a populist and a black nationalist, to propel himself to presidency in 1957. By 1964, he declared himself "President for Life" and continued to use his influence to stay in power, exiling any who would oppose him. A fate that was no doubt less severe than that faced by the estimated 30,000 he had killed.

Over the course of his rule, there would be numerous attacks on his life, including the 1967 bombing near to the palace, which resulted in the shooting of 19 President Guard officers. In one of the greatest affronts to Haitian democracy, upon Duvalier's death in 1971, his son Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier, at 19, was named president after him, ushering in a new generation of despotic rule.

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