Ce Bien Haitian Bakery in Immokalee, Florida

Ce Bien Haitian Bakery in Immokalee, Florida

The Haitian Diaspora in South Florida, settled there for many decades, has imported an essential component of their daily diets, Haitian breads. This business is specializes in Bakeries.
Haitians typically head out to their favorite Haitian bakery for their morning breakfast of freshly-baked indigenous breads. Ce Bien Haitian Bakery, located in Immokalee, is one of the best and well-thought-of around.

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Ce Bien Haitian Bakery is is one of the Haitian businesses serving the Haitian community in Immokalee as well as people on love with Haitian food.

316 S 1st Street - Immokalee, Florida 34142
(239) 657-3000

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