The Nine member CEP (CTCEP) formed in April, 2013

The Nine member CEP (CTCEP) formed in April, 2013

Here is a picture of the nine member CEP formed in April, 2013.
The Provisional Electoral Council was first evolved as an interim solution in Haitian's 1987 Constitution to oversee the first presidential and local elections. It was then decided that after the first election, a Permanent Electoral Council would be established as per Article 192 for future elections, but that has never been constituted. All elections since 1990 were run by Provisional Electoral Councils. Recently, on March 29, 2016, the interim President Jocelerme Privert appointed a 9-member Provisional Electoral Council. The council, on March 31, 2016 following their installation and swearing-in, held the first working session and elected their office bearers with the following responsibilities. 1) Léopold Berlanger (Press sector): President; 2) Carlos Hercule ( Episcopal Conference of Haiti): Vice President ; 3) Marie Frantz Joachim (Woman sector): General Secretary; 4) Frinel Joseph (Reformed worship): Treasurer ; 5) Kenson Polynice (Peasant / Voodoo sector): Member ; 6) Marie-Herolle Michel (Patronal sector): Member; 7) Josette Jean Dorcély (Union sector): Member ; 8) Jean Lucien Bernard (University sector): Member ; and 9) Jean Simon Saint-Hubert (Human Rights sector): Member.

A Decree published in Le Moniteur conformed the following members of the CTCEP

Pierre Simon Georges ;
Néhémy Joseph ;
Marie Clunie Dumay Miracles ;
Jean Marie Vianney Emmanuel Ménard ;
Jacqueline Patricia Chantale Raymond ;
Gloria Margarette Girault Saint-Louis ;
Léopold Berlanger ;
Marie Carole Innocent Floreal Duclervil ;
Applys Félix.

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