The Ten Outstanding Young Person 2014 for Haiti

The Ten Outstanding Young Person 2014 for Haiti

Hundreds of applicants got whittled down to 20 short-listed Haitian bright-sparks, and from that heavily truncated list, Haiti's Ten Outstanding Young Persons for 2014 were named. They are, in no particular order: Lonick Garius, for business or economic affairs; Iléus Papillon, for cultural achievements; Samanda Leroy, for government or political legal affairs; Anne Martine Augustin, for academic achievement and leadership; Haveson Badine Florvil, for personal development and achievement; Elie Joseph, for medical innovation; Djenika Mars, for moral or environmental leadership; Chenet Caty, for voluntary work and humanitarian leadership, Daniel Tilias, for children's and human rights, world peace; and Jasmin Reginald Cherenfant, for technological and scientific development.

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