Travel interdiction for Marc Antoine Acra and Alix Celestin

Travel interdiction for Marc Antoine Acra and Alix Celestin

Danton Léger issued a departure prohibition against Marc Antoine Acra and Alix Celestin.

As per popular radio station Scoop FM report dated April 5, 2016, the new Government Commissioner, Jean Danton Léger has imposed a travel ban on Marc Antoine Acra & Alix Celestin in respect of a seizure of drugs about one year ago (77 kilos of cocaine and 10 kilos of heroin, valuing about three million wholesale and ten million dollars retail) found in a cargo of sugar coming from Colombia belonging to the businessman known as Marc Antoine Accra. The ship 'Manzanares' belonging to Acra's company NABATCO was docked at the Mevs Wharf (port) in Haiti on April 15, 2015. Manzanares, (113.3 m x 16.4 m) was anchored in the bay of Port-au-Prince alongside two other boats. In reply to his travel interdiction, Marc Anthoine Acra has said, the words of advocating transparency and justice from a Government Commissioner representing a transitional government reminds him of the dictatorial regime of Duvalier-- full of arbitrary acts and anarchism. Danton's investigation reveals that Alix Celestin, the Director of the National Port Authority is also a partner in crime with Marc Acra.

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