Youri Latortue and Jean Renel Senatus

Youri Latortue and Jean Renel Senatus

Here is the picture of two of the senators Youri Latortue and Jean Renel Senatus.

As the fourteen Senators were swearing in on January 11, 2016, two Validation Commissions were formed consisting three Senators each, who were responsible to verify the records of the newly elected officials. The Validation Commissions so employed, has asked to defer the validation of two newly elected Senators, Youri Latortue (President, Ayiti An Aksyon) and Jean Renel Sénatus (League Dessalinienne) until the CEP gives clear explanation on their method of clearances. The commission dismissed their validation under the pretext that they were improperly elected. If Youri Latortue was not barred from the Senate in this manner, could be one of the strongest and influential men inside the Senate. We would wait to see how these two candidates were elected to become Senators in the first round legislative election on August 9, 2015, with the authorization from both the CEP and BCEN.

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