CEP refusal to independently verify votes

CEP refusal to independently verify votes

Here is a picture of seven of the 8 candidates who are protesting, demanding for an an independent investigation. Samuel madistin, Jude Celestin, Sauveur Pierre etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean Charles Moise, Eric Jean Baptiste, Jean Henry Ceant and Mario Andreso.

Following a meeting with the eight presidential candidates (G8) on Monday, November 16, the nine-member Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has rejected their requests to form an independent commission to verify the preliminary presidential election results, because as per their statement, the electoral decree does not grant them any authority to do so. Earlier, through a joint petition, eight presidential candidates requested the CEP to form an independent commission, which would inquire about the alleged frauds affecting the integrity of the October 25, 2015 election and place common people's confidence in the electoral process. However, Attorney Samuel Madistin, a presidential candidate and spokesperson for the group believes that the existing law in no way prevents the CEP to from a such commission.

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