Former Lavalas Anette Auguste

Former Lavalas Anette Auguste "So Anne" turned Tet Kale

There are many signs to demonstrate that Fanmi lavalas political party is falling apart. The latest sign is the decision of So Anne to abandon ship and instead join a party which she thinks will give her more opportunities

The former Lavalas activist Annette Auguste has declared her candidacy for the Senate for the West Department under the banner of PHTK. This decision came as a shock to many who remember her activist stands under the Lavalas Party and for former President Jean Bertrand Aristide


Gen anpil siy yo ki demontre ke Fanmi Lavalas nan problem. Denye siy yo a se desizyon an nan So Anne pran pou li abandone Fanmi-a pou li aly jwen Tet Kale

Mezanmi, Pgin problem nan fanmi-an

First Lady Sophia Martelly registered to run for the office of Senator of the West Department in this year's legislative elections. She will be running against several candidates, most recognizably Annette Auguste, an ex-Fanmi Lavalas party member.

Auguste is a survivor of ex-president Jean-Bertrand Aristide's administration. After his overthrow Auguste was arrested and held as a political prisoner. She and Martelly will both run as candidates of PHTK.

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