Guy Didier Hyppolite installed as Minister of Tourism and Creative Industry

Guy Didier Hyppolite installed as Minister of Tourism and Creative Industry

Here is a picture of Mr. Guy Didier Hyppolite who was installed as Minister of Tourism and Creative Industrie.

Guy Didier Hyppolite, prior to this appointment, was the Vice President of the Tourism Association of Haiti (ATH). The new Minister of Tourism was installed by his counterpart from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Yves Romain Bastien, because Romain Bastien, as the Minister of Finance has a special interest in the tourism sector and he believes that unless the country is freed from the political unrest, there would be no development and economic contribution through this sector.

Mr. Camille Junior Edouard, a hard core critic of the former President Martelly has been appointed as the new Minister of Justice & Public Security in the cabinet of Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles, replacing Florence Élie, (former wife of René Préval, both Aristidienne and Prévalienne). Mr. Camille Junior Edouard is a former member of the Cabinet of Prime Minister Garry Conille and former Coordinator of the National Commission for the Fight against Drugs (CONALD). As the new minister, he was chosen at the last moment by the ombudsperson. The new Prime Minister mentioned his name as one of his brightest students at the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences of the UEH. The Prime Minister is confident that the talent of the new Minister of Justice would contribute immensely towards the benefit of the nation. During his speech for the occasion, Camille Edouard junior said, he will lead fight against criminals of all kinds.

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