Jacky Lumarque, Presidential candidate under Vérité

Jacky Lumarque, Presidential candidate under Vérité

Here is Mr. Jacky Lumarque, Presidential candidate for Vérité Political party

As per news report dated May 4, 2015, the following three persons from the Haitian political arena have been nominated as candidates for the upcoming Presidential election by their respective political parties. They are: Jacky Lumarque (age: 58, candidate for Verite), Sauveur Pierre Etienne (age: 59, candidate for Organization of Struggling People, OPL), and Chavannes Jeune Baptiste (age: 63, National Peasant Movement of the Congress of Papaye, MPNKP, candidate of Kontrapèpla). Out of these three Presidential candidates, Chavannes Jeune is a religious person, a Christian leader, pastor and evangelist. Lumarque and Etienne are persons with good educational backgrounds. Lumarque is a Mathematics graduate from Université Toulouse III, France, holds an MBA from Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, and a Bachelor in Law from the Common Law, Université Lyon III, France. He's the President of Université Quisqueya and represents the following bodies and organization: Board of Directors of AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie), Member of the "Comité de Gestion" of AUF, Member of the "Conseil Associatif" of AUF, and Coordinator of the Presidential Working Group on Education. Sauveur Pierre Etienne is a doctorate in political science from the University of Montreal and the author of Haiti: The Invasion of NGOs (1997 CIDIHCA), and Haiti: Misery of Democracy (1999, Harmattan).

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