Jean-Jacques Dessalines, AKA Papa Dessalines

Jean-Jacques Dessalines, AKA Papa Dessalines

Here is Jean-Jacques Dessalines, AKA Papa Dessalines.

During his speech for the inaugural ceremony on October 17th, President Martelly described Emperor Dessalines as some of very rare personalities who mark their place in the history in such a way that they never die'. Papa Dessalines' is still alive in the minds of all Haitians; he will remain alive in our consciousness, in our pride for our country forever.

As part of the commemoration of Emperor Dessalines's 209th death anniversary, the Ministry in partnership with the Haitian Amateur Athletics Federation (FHAA) organized a 10 km race for youth between 16 to 20 years, linking Pont Rouge to the statue of Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines at the Champ-de-mars.

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