Joseph Hébert Lucien accused by CEP

Joseph Hébert Lucien accused by CEP

Here is a picture of Mr. Joseph Hébert Lucien who was accused by the CEP after the election of August 9, 2015 for leaving his post with materials od the CEP

The Board Department Head of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) Mr. Lucien Joseph Hébert who was in charge of the production and distribution of election mandates, has been accused by the CEP for abandoning his post in the CEP with some sensitive CEP materials which were supposed to be used for and distributed before the election. While rejecting the accusation, Joseph Lucien has said, he never fled but submitted his resignation on the midnight of August 8. Regarding the mandates, he has stated that the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) delivered a digital printing machine to the CEP on July 8, 2015, however, the Chairman delivered that device to him on August, 1, only. The CEP was supposed to print a total of 800,000 mandates and production unit badges for political party agents and observers. However, a few days before the election, the CEP did realize that they have only 400,000 copies in hand and the hardware, including printers and inks inputs such card stocks were missing. As it was impossible to print the remaining within a short time before the election, he has been made a scapegoat with the responsibility of the August 9 debacle. He left his office with his laptop bag in the presence of several CEP Officials and he handed over the equipment to the administration through his motorcycle driver, who can testify-- he never disappeared with any CEP documents.

He has said that he is not on the run; he is at home, willing to answer and available to the Haitian justice to clarify the situation despite the fact that the electoral institution has already set prosecution against him. In any case, he knows that justice in the country depends on whether you are powerful or helpless and the court judgments will make you white or black accordingly. He resigned from his post mainly because of threats and pressures from few political parties like the Fusion of Social Democrats and the Consortium of political parties. He intends to file a complaint against the leaders of these political parties.

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