Mickael Guirand stepped down as Carimi lead singer

Mickael Guirand stepped down as Carimi lead singer

Here is a picture of the artist Mickael Guirand as he stepped down as Carimi lead singer.

On Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015, lead singer Mikael Guirand has announced his decision to leave Carimi for personal reasons which he has not yet disclosed. It is undoubtedly a shocking news for the lovers of Haitian music. Mikael, who was the "Mi" of Carimi, has been with the band with Carlo Vieux and Richard Cavé from the beginning when they formed the band in 2002 in New York. He has said that, staying away from his fans is not an easy decision, a kind of sacrifice rather-- still he hopes his fan will understand the gravity of personal reasons that forced him to step away from the stage.

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