Michel Martelly  officially inaugurates the Delmas Viaduct

Michel Martelly officially inaugurates the Delmas Viaduct

Here is a picture of the Delmas Viaduct, inaugurated by President Michel Martelly.

On Friday, August 7th, the President Michel Martelly, accompanied by Prime Minister Evans Paul and other important dignitaries have inaugurated the Delmas Viaduct, an eight channel exchanger, which would connect the areas neighboring Delmas, Nazon and above all, overcome the traffic problems. It was a $16.5 million project with PetroCaribe Funding, the construction of which started in April 2013 by one Dominican construction firm 'Estrella' under the supervision of the firm LGL SA. President Martelly, in his inaugural speech has thanked all who had contributed to this great work. Before the work started, hundreds of buildings, schools, warehouses, churches on Delmas 17 and 9 were demolished to make way for this 550 meter bridge. The people used to stack their salvages on the roadside under the covers of tarpaulin. Not everyone was properly compensated.

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