Finalizing the terms for creation of Commission of Verification

Finalizing the terms for creation of Commission of Verification

Here is the meeting conducted to finalize the terms for the creation of the Commission of Verification. Present at the meeting was President Jocelerme Privert, PM Enex Jean-Charles and others.

As per news reports dated 17 April, 2016, the terms of reference of the Independent Commission of Electoral Evaluation and Verification were submitted to the Interim President Jocelerme Privert for validation purpose. On the same day, these terms of references were discussed, approved and signed by the representatives of more than a dozen of political parties after several hours of discussions on the work of this Commission. Some of the important terms of reference which were approved include: (a) development of a methodology for a technical analysis of the data; (b) purify the voting process by analyzing the signing and counting sheets, partial electoral lists, ballots, minutes of counting, minutes of deficiency and incidence minutes; (c) evaluation of registered complaints; (d) compliance of voting and counting processes; and (e) identify the perpetrators, beneficiaries and victims of serious irregularities or frauds.

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