Political Confrontation in Haiti

Political Confrontation in Haiti

This is one thing that is current in Haiti, Political Confrontation. This is a country that has had its share of crisis since its independence. Unfortunately, the Haitians have not been able to see that it is costing the country a great deal.

In Haiti, many of our politicians are not really interested in many of the issues that are affecting the population such as good school, health care, security, and others. For most Haitian politicians, what is immediate in their calendar is when will the next election in the country take place.

Because of the constant fight and crisis, the country has not been able to take off really. We need to think the real need for Haiti is not who is write or who is wrong, who is "Lavalace" or who is "Tet Kale", who is "Duvalierist or GNbist". The issue is Haiti and we are all in it

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