Removal of presidential sash from Michel Martelly

Removal of presidential sash from Michel Martelly

Here is a picture of the ceremony for the removal of presidential sash from President Michel Martelly.

On Sunday, February 7, 2016, Michel Martelly made his farewell speech to the nation as he left his office without any replacement. His day of departure coincidentally became the first day of Port-au-Prince's annual three-day Carnival celebration, which was called off as violent protests erupted in many places. It was as well as the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Duvalier dictatorship. Martelly left the country in the hands of a disputed interim government amid one of the worst political crises in recent years-- and without a president. However, an agreement for a transitional government was reached just twenty two hours before Martelly left his office. To symbolize his departure, Martelly returned the presidential sash to the National Assembly by handing it over to the then National Assembly President Jocelerme Privert.

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