Morne Puilboreau, mountain located in Nord of Haiti

Morne Puilboreau, mountain located in Nord of Haiti

Here is a picture of Morne Puilboreau which is a mountain located in Nord of Haiti.

Puilboreau Morne (Morne Puilboreau) is a mountain in the Northern Department of Haiti, located 798 meters above the sea level. Based on the peakery data, with its 2,438 feet or 743 meter mountain peak near Plaisance, it ranks as the 23rd highest mountain in the Nord and the 230th highest mountain in Haiti. The nearest peaks are Morne Chemin Neuf, Morne Laroche, Mercredi, Morne Boulaille, Morne Terre Rouge and Morne Bijou. Morne Puilboreau is an elevation standing high above-the surrounding area with small summit area, steep slopes and local relief of 300m or more in the county of Haiti. Its center lies at a latitude of 19.53333 and longitude of -72.46667.

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